miércoles, 28 de enero de 2009

paper or fabric?

A few months ago, BB (before baby), I took it upon myself to save the planet one bag at a time. A basic plastic bag served as a template for a much better, eco-friendlier version of that disposable classic. I had great plans and good intentions; I just didn’t have the attention span needed to make more than one. And so my small creation that was going to change the way our family went grocery shopping now just hangs there, stuffing its belly with scraps. The tote hanging next to it was made after I found the cross stitched cherry jam my mother had made and never used. I used it a few times, but it has gone into “retirement” and now spends its lazy days guarding some unfinished cross stitch projects.

(As I was finishing this post Amatxu and the baby waltzed (or tangoed) in while Gardel was playing in the background. I SO love my love right now.)

viernes, 23 de enero de 2009

brown and blue

Contrary of what many may think, my favorite color is not green, it’s brown, deep, dark chocolate brown. So when the time came for us to get ready for the baby, and get our hands into projects induced by two terribly out of synch biological clocks frantically ticking inside an already reckless couple trying to become a family, the first color that came to my mind was, you guessed it, brown.

Compromising on a gender neutral combination was not easy, lime greens , yellows and beige looked good; but a simple purchase made it all clear for us… aqua and brown. Things (or stuff as my partner would call them) were made, and then we had to wait.

“So you’re adopting a boy” everyone said when they laid their eyes on my blue and brown creations. “Not really, actually we’re hoping for a girl”. (Insert here awkward silence and “the look”. You know that look. It’s the look your friend gives you when you order the large fries. It’s the look that says: “You shouldn’t.”). But we were stubborn, blue it was, and my vision of little Eva in a pink free environment, much to the pleasure of my partner, slowly grew on me.

And then we got the call, our baby was ready to come home, and it turned out that our gender neutral vision went out the window the moment they said the baby was a boy; a beautiful, healthy, brown and blue baby boy.

jueves, 22 de enero de 2009

I didn't make the baby...

...but I did make the quilt.
Back when I had the time and decided to venture in the wonderful world of crafts, I made this quilt. Without having the proper knowledge about quilting, binding, measurements and lacking of a walking foot for my sewing machine. But still it was “my first” and I could never part with it, just like the cutie laying on top of it.

it matters to me

viernes, 9 de enero de 2009

a little bit of blue amogst all the green

Our baby boy Gabriel came home to us a few weeks ago. So far there have been no time for crafts, books or paintings, and I'm told that will probably be the case until he goes to college. So I guess I'll become a mommy blogger (or mamá blogger in my case).