miércoles, 16 de abril de 2008

a promise fulfilled

I didn’t know she was losing her sight, so when I found a project she had been working in a drawer, unfinished, I had to ask.
“Can you finish it for me?” was her plea.
“You’ll finish it once you get better” was my lie.
Even though it was clearly meant for someone else, as the future recipient’s name was already embroidered in the piece, I couldn’t part with it. Knotty, crooked, to other’s a bad cross stitch work, to me a reflection of her tenacity.
A replacement, a duplicate started from 0. Was it cheating?

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susan dijo...

no, i would have kept it too
i dont think it mattered much to the recipient who it was from you or your mom, but it will mean something to you forever. what a keepsake, such a lovely story. i just love your blog. your posts are short and sweet,yet you convey everything necessary to make us want to keep reading. honestly i think you have one of the best blogs i have ever read