viernes, 12 de septiembre de 2008

The Hudson is now my favorite hotel in NY

So far I'm liking what I see. Starting with the bald Godlike creature greeting us at the door and the ascent to boutique hotel heaven thru escalators suited for a subway.

Check in under the chandelier, holographic light bulbs, as real ones are just too kitsch to have at The Hudson.

An then up to our rooms, up in elevator limbo. Red "EXIT"'s bleeding their lights in the dark barren hallways. Am I being taken to an experiment room behind one of those generic doors? I'm numbered, 972 tattooed in my card (thank God not in my arm). Is this what my future is going to look like? I'm doomed.

An then my door opens, soft heavenly glow filtered thru chiffon barriers. Dark wood, mirror and art as nightlight. The required tiny white formulaic b (as in "boutique") bathroom , clean, crisp. My future looks surprisingly brighter now. Too tired to think I jump to my nest. Soft pillow? Hard pillow? I've entered a world in which those are the toughest decisions I will have to face. And so, as my head hits the hard allergenic pile of mush my eyes adjust to the light I find myself wondering: "What is that popcorn ceiling doing here?!?!"

More later.

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