jueves, 21 de junio de 2007


As you can see by my pink stash… finding lots of fun cotton fabric in a little island can prove challenging. Rows and rows of low quality polyester mixed textiles line the stores creating visual chaos only heighten by the sounds of bachata blasted from loudspeakers. So is no surprise that when my good friend V asked me what I wanted her to bring me, I said: “Cotton fabric!! Any print, any color” and proceeded to explain what a fat quarter was (here only “thin quarters” are sold).

I know that in our modern times of globalization, free trade and mass producing, you can get an shirt for 100 pesos (less than US$4)… Chinese or Indian made, of course!!! The demand has decreased and the offer has pretty much disappeared, and that leaves us crafters in “fat quarter limbo”.

Oh well, let me just step down from my soapbox while asking “Why do the high end fabric stores only carry upholstery fabrics!?!?... you try binding a quilt made with thick heavy canvas like textile!!!”

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