viernes, 8 de junio de 2007

In return

The homemade pizza Blanca Saturday sent is now long gone. As my mother used to say: “ When someone brings you food, the container shouldn’t be returned empty”... And since I can’t cook to save my life, and the tray was sitting in my kitchen counter asking to be taken back home, I made this little something. A red dot is missing… but at least the tray is gone!!

2 comentarios:

caminante dijo...

A lot of people just dont return the containers at all...


Gracias por su visita y por su comentario, espero y se repita.


Lulu dijo...

Está divino! ¿lo haces tú? Yo siempre he querido bordar, pero nunca tengo la paciencia requerida, hago el primer punto y ya quiero verlo terminado. ;)