viernes, 23 de mayo de 2008


I’m a sucker for Peruvian crafts and their colors, geometric shapes, their tapestries and specially their retablos with nativity scenes. They remind me of sleepovers at a friend’s house, but more importantly, they remind me of her mother, a woman that touched many lives.

These are beads I bought from a Peruvian lady at a craft fair. They will adorn some bookmarks I’m planning to make. The cholito is not a bead, but I just HAD to have it.

3 comentarios:

Sonnja dijo...

Lovely to see them.
Kind regards,

Sonnja & Beertje Zonn
from the Netherlands

Rachael Rabbit dijo...

Is that a duck? what a fantastic bead!

susan dijo...

how fun! i too love peruvian crafts. we have some pan flutes and little pouch necklaces. i also love their music, so happy