viernes, 15 de agosto de 2008

simple flower tutorial

Susan from Plush Parade asked me how I made the flowers for my niece’s bag. So this post is for her.

1. Start making the circle, you know the drill.
2. Make a knot at the end to secure it but don’t cut the thread.
3. Thread needle thru the center of the circle from back (the back being the side with the hole) to front, then thread again from back to front. (Repeat depending on how many petals you’ll need).
4. When you have all your petals, the needle will be in the front. Thread back though the center, this time from front to back. Make knot to secure it. Don’t cut the thread.
5. You’ll end up with something like this. Now choose what you’ll put in the middle.
6. Add bead or a few beads, French knots... Secure them and now you can cut the thread.

PD. This is not the cutest flower ever, but had to use contrasting colors for the pics to come out clear.

2 comentarios:

susan dijo...

oh i am so glad you posted this!! i saw these little flowers yesterday and fell in love with their simplicity
they looked awesome on that bag

Rachael Rabbit dijo...

Fabulous - thank you so much for the tutorial!